Not just a state, Florida is our home. For 19 million of us, what happens here affects our ability to raise a family, own a home, walk safe streets, enjoy a job, and feel secure in our future and that of our children. The issues of the day deserve our attention. We've had hurricanes, unemployment, a Gulf oil spill, a stagnant economy, and costs that rise faster than our ability to pay them.

But the issues of tomorrow, the ones that our children will face, are often not on our minds. The availability of clean water, the quality of education, the growth of new industries with good-paying jobs that people are proud of, and the quality of our infrastructure from bridges to utility lines, are the kinds of issues that can get lost in our focus on the crises of today.


My goal is to provide your association or company with comprehensive, unbiased legal analyses and solutions for state and local issues in Florida. Fill the gap between what businesses, associations, and other groups need in order to define and promote policy change and what lobbyists are able to provide in terms of advocating change by providing a level of independent legal analysis not otherwise readily available. Get detailed independent research, analysis, drafting, and representation on how to approach either tested or novel solutions to state- and local-level issues.